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Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. It has an ever expanding list of crypto pairings, and their software is constantly upgrading to include additional features. While it has excellent charts and lots of historical information on prices through their exchange, one area where the software is lacking is in displaying the potential profit and loss of each trade that you conduct.

We have developed Binance Tools as a way of tracking the performance of your trades. You can view opening and closing trades for any chosen currency pair. With open trades, you can use this to figure out the level of profit or loss that you currently face.

Like the crypto market, we are still developing and improving. We will be adding new features and launching new tools in the future, as well as adding content on the basics of trading, so check back often to see what we add. If it’s beneficial and we can do it, we will incorporate the changes in an upcoming version.

Binance tools is in association with Couples Corner.